We love tasty, beautiful typography. (We know that’s subjective and you may not agree with our choices.) And while weve tried our best to avoid widows, bad kerning and other sad typographic mishaps, we’re new at this web stuff and still figuring out workarounds. 

While we love rainbows, sunsets, sunrises and beautiful landscapes in nature, we like experiencing those things first hand and not necessarily on greeting cards. No photo can ever capture the way you feel when you experience jaw-dropping beauty. So we didn’t even go there. 

We love the convenience of texting our friends short convo’s, emojis (omg, ttyl, lol, 😉) and floating balloons; we equally love getting a hand-written card in the mail. Maybe with some flower seeds or a gift card on that special birthday occasion. Hint-hint.

We are constantly amazed by the content and wisdom found in the Bible. We just have to share. So many phrases and literary ideas can be found here first (fight the good fight, rise and shine, salt of the earth, go the extra mile) Yep, in the Bible. Crazy, huh.

And finally, the brightest halo belongs to Jesus. The cards are inspired by words He spoke from the very beginning and words written by His friends.

Whether you are a follower or a wanderer, we hope you are inspired and empowered by our cards.